2. “This is Halloween”

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  3. ouijaboarding:

    Sending a long meaningful message and getting a one word reply


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    fun fact: Michael Cera asked Rihanna if he could slap her ass for real and she said “you can slap my ass for real if I can slap you in the face for real” and he was like alright. and they did the take like 3 times and Michael was like “you’re not hitting me hard enough do it for real” and then she slapped the fuck out of him and threw off his equilibrium so much he had to go lay down in his trailer for like half an hour lmao and that’s the take they used in the movie with no added sound effects 

    his head disappears omg

    bless this post

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  5. "The realest people don’t have a lot of friends."
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  6. bauks:

    Black girls with natural hair get made fun of and black girls with fake hair get made fun of and black girls with no hair get made fun of so like what are black girls supposed to do but not give a fuck abt u

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    why do guys care if girls swallow or spit like as long as you got your dick sucked why does it matter where the jizz ends up it aint like you can feel her swallow it

    how high was i last night

    High enough to speak the truth

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  9. unfollower:

    i automatically classify anything over $5 as expensive

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  10. Gorgeous, terrifying, illegal hike.
    Those are the best kind.


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